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Note: If a non-rechargeable battery is used with WisBlock Base Board it has to be unplugged before connecting the USB cable to the port on the board in order to configure the device. Not doing so might damage the battery and cause damage to the battery and board.

  • WisBlock Base Board (RAK5005-O) is the base block for RAK WisBlock. It is the carrier for the WisBlock Core MCU module and the WisBlock Sensor and Modules from other  WisBlock Categories. It enables the engineers and makers to build with low-effort prototypes, test different types of sensors, and develop the application. And because all components and modules of WisBlock are industrial rated the step from development to mass production is no problem.
  • WisBlock Base Board supports as standard 3 different power supplies. Depending on the application either 5V USB, 3.7V LiPo batteries, and 5V solar panels or a combination can be chosen. WisBlock Base Board enables low power consumption applications with the option to switch on and off the power supply for the WisBlock Sensor and from another WisBlock category with slots.
  • WisBlock Base Board has a size of only 30 x 60mm which lets you create solutions that fit into the smallest housings.

Key Features

  • Easy Plug’n’Play slots for WisBlock Core MCU, WisBlock Sensor, and WisBlock Interface, WisBlock Wireless, WisBlock Display, WisBlock Extra, WisBlock Storage and WisBlock Power modules
  • Small form factor
  • Supports 3 different power supply sources
  • Optimized for low power consumption applications
  • I2C, UART, GPIO’s an analog input accessible with solder contacts
  • 2 user-definable LED’s
  • Reset button
  • USB debug port
  • 1 slot for WisBlock Core MCU
  • 4 slots for WisBlock Sensor sensor modules
  • 1 slot for another WisBlock categories extension modules

Package Inclusions

  • 1pc RAK5005-O
  • 1pc Micro USB cable
  • 1set screws (kit)



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