ENGINKO Davis to LoRaWAN® interface Kit



LoRaWAN US Frequency: 915MHz

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Davis to LoRaWAN® interface Kit (Davis Weather Station not included)


mcf88 (enginko) integrates a LoRaWAN® communication system in a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station. The station, rugged and flexible, is equipped with a wide range of sensors and it offers reliable weather data under the most demanding circumstances and gives these variables:

• Inside and Outside Temperature and Relative Humidity
• Barometric Pressure
• Rainfall
• Dew Point
• Wind Speed and Direction sensors (detachable)
• Solar radiation

The kit MCF-LW06DAVK can be installed in an existing Davis Vantage Pro2 station. This allows to upgrade the station to a LoRaWAN® connectivity. This kit include all necessary hardware to be installed in the station.

•  Wind Direction 0°- 360° ±3°
• Temperature range -40°C + 65°C ±0.3°C
• Relative Humidity from 0% to 100% ±2%
• Atmospheric pressure from 880 to 1080 hPa ±1hPa
• Rain range 0 to 6553 mm ± 4%
• Solar Radiation 0 -1800W/mq ±5%
• Data transmission Class A LoRaWAN stack US915
• 5W Solar panel powered with 12AH battery, 6V
• Mounting Tripod with Lag Bolts


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Dimensions 22 × 13 × 9 cm


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